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Gilles Peterson visits Tokyo to discover how the youth of Japan are responding following the devastating earthquake and tsunami.

He spends time in Tokyo and speaks to local musicians including Goth Trad and Anchorsong. He also finds out about the local clubbing culture; tries some local food; goes record shopping; learns about a controversial piece of art that was a reaction to the disaster; and discovers why a manga comic was banned. Plus, we catch up with musicians vistiting Toyko – Sinden, SBRTRK and Robert Glasper; and find out about the battle between K-Pop & J-Pop.

Gilles also visits the Sendai region, which was near the epicentre of the earthquake in March 2011 and badly hit by the tsunami which followed, seeing the level of devastation for himself.

Music played

  1. Budamunk — Waterfall Meditation

  2. Fumio Itabashi — Watarase

  3. Goth-Trad — Man In The Maze (Deep Medi)

  4. Goth-Trad — Anti Grid

  5. Goth-Trad — Babylon Fall (feat Max Romeo)

  6.   Robert Glasper — Move Love (feat King)

  7. Kara — Hip Dance

  8. Anchorsong — The Blacksmith

  9. Anchorsong — Plum Rain

  10. Shuya Okino — Sun Will Rise (Boogie Mix)

  11. Sick Team — Turn It Up

  12. indigo jam unit — Fuel For The Fire (feat Alicia Saldenha)

  13. DJ Mitsu The Beats — Wait So Long

  14. Grooveman Spot — Promise

  15. Grooveman Spot — Let Me Love You

  16. Bo Ningen — Maguro (Rewind)

  17. Bo Ningen — Henkan

  18. Budamunk — Blunted First

  19. Watarase — Short Edit

  20. Mystica Tribe — Meditation Stick

  21. Nujabes — Voice Of Autumn

  22. Emancipator — With Rainy Eyes