Available Here - 12″+ Bonus 7″


In May 2004, Dub Asylum released She Dubs Me Remixed, a 12-inch vinyl EP featuring tunes off the debut Dub Asylum album She Dubs Me, She Dubs Me Not, remixed by various local producers – Timmy Schumacher and Substax, Rob Warner and Josh Webb, Matt Scott at Woodcut, and Audioslut.

These tunes are getting a digital reissue, PLUS with a special bonus remix, taken from the Dub Asylum 7-inch single Ba Ba Boom (2009) – the Oogun remix, previously only available on vinyl, and now getting a widespread digital release for the first time. Out now thru Amplifier, iTunes, Bandcamp etc.

The EP launch party/exhibition was something special – 60 of the record covers were painted by graff artists DLT and DanTippett, with the rest of the covers getting a special stencil design. Each cover was a unique work of art. There’s a video of DLT and Dan painting the covers here  

A handful of the 12”vinyl EP have turned up in the Dub Asylum studio, and are now available for a limited time only at Conch Records at 115A Ponsonby Road, Auckland.

The 12”EP comes with a bonus 7” Dub Asylum – Ba Ba Boom single PLUS a digital download of the Remix EP. All for only $20.